Best home visiting Physiotherapist

Finding a Physiotherapist is an easy task due to the technological evolution, but finding the best home-visiting physiotherapist becomes harder.

7/2/20232 min read

First of all the patient or the patient’s party need a good understanding of what is physiotherapy. A patient directly can call a physiotherapist to get the treatments or they can find a physiotherapist after getting a physiotherapy referral from a doctor.

To find a Physiotherapist you can simply search the internet. But then comes the challenge of finding the best physiotherapist or the most qualified Physiotherapist. The most convenient way of finding the best home visiting physiotherapist is to follow the following steps.

Search the internet for
home visiting physiotherapist near me or best physiotherapist in Colombo. You may see the search results. Find a few names of the physiotherapists from the search results and search their names on the internet. You will find more details about the Physiotherapist you have searched for. It's advised to read the reviews or the articles published by that physiotherapist. Then you can call the physiotherapist to get his or her service. It is highly advised to know the qualifications and experience of the person before you get the services. In Sri Lanka, a Physiotherapist must hold the license to practice. It is the Sri Lanka Medical Council registration and the Sri Lanka Medical College Council registration. These registrations are given to a professional after a thorough examination of their qualifications.

The risk of not finding a
qualified Physiotherapist is very high. A physiotherapist is a qualified person who has a good knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Biomechanics, and many more about the human body and its function. The knowledge of Electrotherapy, Exercise Therapy, and Manual therapy is limited to a qualified Physiotherapist only. A qualified Physiotherapist must hold a degree from a recognized University which can be BPT ( Bachelor of Physiotherapy ) BSc Physiotherapy, MPT ( Master of Physiotherapy ), or MSc Physiotherapy. The registration is issued for the degree-holding Physiotherapists only.

A qualified Physiotherapist always understands his/ her limits. Whenever the patient needs superior medical attention, the Physiotherapist can always refer the patient to a doctor. A home visiting Physiotherapist always has a responsibility for the recovery of the patient and also the proper reference is very important to prevent secondary complications or to reduce disease progression.

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